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BetMGM is Bringing Dual Play Roulette to Michigan Soon

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Last week, BetMGM took a significant step in expanding the function of a virtual gaming experience. Dual Play Roulette was offered in New Jersey by the primary provider for Michigan online casinos.

This unique move allows internet gamblers to play live roulette alongside players at the casino’s actual table. If this endeavor is successful, it will undoubtedly be beneficial to Michigan as well.

It’s merely another step toward delivering the retail casino to the online casino player’s doorstep.

What Exactly is Dual Play Roulette?

This new function will be available in the United States through Evolution Gaming. Dual Play Roulette is now available in New Jersey at BetMGM Casino and the Borgata online casino, in collaboration with the physical Borgata casino in Atlantic City.

The roulette table is smack in the center of the Borgata’s gambling floor. It has many cameras positioned around the table to provide online players with an immersive experience.

Online and in-person participants both place bets and play the game at the same time.

“Dual Play Roulette meets players exactly where they are. In a news release, BetMGM’s Director of Online Gaming, Oliver Bartlett, said, “This is a great example of online and physical casinos leveraging technology to provide players an improved omnichannel experience.”

When can we Expect Dual Play Roulette in Michigan?

Dual Play Roulette is now exclusively available to American gamblers in New Jersey. BetMGM Casino Michigan, on the other hand, has proven itself as a force in the state.

While it accounts for 27% of the national online gambling revenue market, it accounts for 36.1% of Michigan’s online casino revenue market. It is a significant reason BetMGM was capable of to turn a profit in Q2.

So, when will BetMGM Michigan consider collaborating with MGM Grand Detroit to offer Dual Play Roulette to its mitten?

“Borgata’s Dual Play Roulette is the first Evolution Dual Play game at an MGM casino in North America.” BetMGM is constantly seeking for new ways to work together with our physical partners in order to provide engaging experiences for gamers. “We’re excited to collaborate with MGM Detroit and, hopefully, bring Dual Play Roulette to Michigan,” Bartlett told PlayMichigan.

While BetMGM does not provide a date, Michigan must be on its radar for furthering this creative offering.

Table games with Dual Play Enhance the Live-Dealer Experience

Evolution has a lot of expertise with Dual Play games, having made a significant splash with the feature in the United Kingdom. Evolution also provides Dual Play Baccarat to its users in other countries.

Someone had been selected as the first to take the next step, with all 15 Michigan online casinos presently providing live-dealer table games. That was BetMGM; that should come as no surprise.

Suppose its debut in New Jersey goes well. In that case, it should swiftly spread to its similar online casino properties, becoming the first domino to fall for other companies looking for comparable game models.

As evidenced by the expanding growth of Michigan online casinos, internet operators are doing all possible to bring the retail casino experience to your house.

With VR gaming gaining popularity in the realm of gaming, it won’t be long until it makes its way into the online gambling market. Dual Play Roulette is the most recent rung on the VR rung.

It may take some time, but there is reason to expect that users may be able to tour their preferred retail casino venues from home, playing any offered game alongside retail customers, someday.

If you can’t get to the casino, the casino will eventually come to you. Dual Play Roulette demonstrates that we are on the right track.