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DraftKings Casino Michigan Introduces DraftKings Digits a New Game of Chance

DraftKings is still doing its share to provide unique Michigan online casino games. For example, DraftKings Digits, the newest addition to DraftKings Casino MI, provides a unique gaming experience when compared to typical casino and slot titles.

DraftKings Digits is an actual game of chance, similar to deciding whether to clear the path before going to night or wait until morning.

The release of DraftKings Digits to the existing DraftKings online casino library provides gamers with even another one-of-a-kind gaming choice.







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What exactly is DraftKings Digits?

draftkings digits

The latest DraftKings Casino MI game is quite simple. A wheel with 101 places ranging from 0-100 is available. Players select a number of their choice as their target number. The players must then pick if the wheel goes above or below the specified number.

The odds for the over and under are determined by where the ideal number is. Naturally, the smaller your chances of hitting, the greater your potential compensation.

If you win by playing precisely 0 or exactly 100, you will be paid out at a maximum payout rate of +9898. The odds are -10000 if you opt to be safe and play above 0 or under 100. Players can place bets ranging from $1 to $2,000 for every spin.

DraftKings Digits for MI Players who are Conservative or Aggressive

The DraftKings Digits is meant to provide several levels of difficulty determined by the number of numbers wagered.

The fewer numbers a player wagers on the wheel, the harder it is to win. For example, choosing 50 as your desired number yields -106 odds with regard to the over and under.

If you choose the number 75, betting on the over gives you odds of a little over +280. Picking the under will cost you around -330. DraftKings Digits is a perfect game for you if you’re a prudent or aggressive gambler.

DraftKings Michigan is Expanding its Innovative Library

The DraftKings Digits may not be the only unusual casino game available at DraftKings Casino MI.

The company has been working hard to deliver creative and one-of-a-kind games for the Michigan online casino sector. DraftKings Rocket and Blackjack Bingo are examples of such games.

DraftKings has enjoyed distinguishing itself from other Michigan online gambling sites by providing these distinct titles and experiences to gamers.

The DraftKings casino currently offers 53 exclusive games, including seasonal titles such as DraftKings Roulette March Mania & Detroit Pistons Blackjack.