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How to Bet on NFL Games

Sports betting is governed by a wide variety of statutes and policies. You need to know how to bet on NFL games and a few non-legal facts before betting on NFL football. NFL betting online rules can help you win more and lose less.

Winning big money is the ultimate goal of any NFL online gambling activity. Every gambler or bettor wants to win, and every game has a strategy. A good poker face, for instance, is a strategy that can increase your chances of winning a poker game. Study the odds and learn insider strategies to win football betting games.

How Can You Bet on NFL Games in 2024

In 2022, there will be more variety in NFL sports betting than ever before. Online sports bettors may place bets on NFL games in the preseason and playoff with NFL odds.

Caesars Sportsbook, Barstool Sportsbook, BetMGM, DraftKings, and FanDuel provide NFL betting promotions. Below, we’ve compiled the most popular NFL commercials so you can make an educated choice.







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Types of NFL Sports Betting

How to Bet on NFL Games

Bet on football can be made in a few different ways. Despite new NFL betting options, spread, total, and moneyline bets remain the most popular. In this article, we will look at the various wagering avenues available for NFL games. And to bet NFL games online legally.

Betting With Point Spread

On how to bet on NFL games point spread in football is a handicap that is used to level the playing field between two teams. The points awarded by the oddsmaker are either added to or deducted from the final score.

The favored team is denoted by a minus sign (-), whereas the other is labeled as the underdog with a plus sign (+).

Say the New York Giants are 7.5-point favorites. New York must win by at least eight points for your wager to be considered. Dallas Cowboys bets must win by a touchdown or lose by less than seven points.

The 0.5 value prevents a push or tie.


It’s common practice to refer to total wagers as “over/under” wagers. The bettor bets on the total points scored by all players in a game compared to a baseline. The objective is to properly predict whether the final score will be above or below this line.

Betting on NFL games online can have scores from 30 to 55. It is irrelevant who wins, who scores the most points, or when the most points are scored.

Here’s an example: the over/under for Philadelphia Eagles vs. Seattle Seahawks is 46.5 points. With a final score of 51, bettors who favored the over were rewarded for their confidence.


Moneyline bets, which entail betting on the winning team, are simple to understand and place.

Each team now has both positive and negative values. You know that a (-) value means this team is the underdog on betting sites.

Assume you have settled on a bet of -150 on Team B, the underdog. Risk $150 to win $100. If you win, you gain $100 on top of your $150 bet.

NFL Futures

One of the essential parts of football betting is familiarizing oneself with NFL futures. Futures on how to bet on NFL games online involves laying odds on outcomes that are still in the future.

It’s common for different events or awards to be given out at various times throughout the season. The Super Bowl victor may be a precursor to future success in the NFL.

NFL Prop Bets

The term “prop bet” refers to wagers put on predetermined outcomes or events inside a game. Prop bets predict whether a player will score a touchdown or pass a specific number of yards.

These wagers are usually put on specific games, but they can be used anytime during the season. These wagers are fun, since it’s interesting to observe if the players live up to your expectations.


In the world of sports betting, parlays are another concept to define. Bet on NFL games app mixes numerous wagers with at least two stakes into a parlay. The term “parlay” describes this type of wager.

A parlay bet is considered a loss if one of the participating wagers in the bet is a loser. However, if the wagers come through, the bettor collects a significantly larger payout than they would have otherwise.


Teaser wagers are a type of parlay wager commonly used in sports betting. When placing a teaser bet, the bettor has the option of altering the game’s point spread.

That greatly improves the bettor’s odds of success. A common practice among sportsbooks is to reduce a winner’s payment if a bettor alters the point spread to make a win more likely.

Live Betting

Bets placed during the course of a game are referred to as “in-play” or “live” wagers. Bets placed in real time can be explained simply. Gamblers may now place wagers in real time while a game is in progress thanks to live betting.

Compared to betting just at the outset or before the game, it introduces a lot of new variables. It causes changes to the odds based on the current play and roster status of the team. Real-time betting, where you can change based on the game, is gaining popularity.

Same Day Bet

Same-day bets are parlays on same-day events in NFL sports betting. Many bettors prefer to place bet on football games on the day they are played, known as same-day betting. Same-day pets are parlayed bets with all wagers on the same game. As a result, a parlay wager is a collection of wagers placed on a single football game. Parlays can also include wagers on outcomes from multiple games or events.

Hedge Betting

“Hedging your bet” has entered common parlance, but what is it? Putting money on the other side of a bet is called hedging. Though some people often employ this strategy when betting, others never do. Depending on your goals, hedging your bets may boost your chances of winning.

NFL Betting FAQs:

What is the best way to bet on NFL games?

The most common type on how to bet money on NFL games is “against the spread” wagering. Bettors call wagers “against the spread” “betting the spread,” “point spread betting,” and “ATS” (against the spread).

How can I legally bet on NFL games?

Bovada does indeed permit wagers on NFL games. If you’re a resident of any state other than Washington, you can legally place wagers on NFL games and events. At the Bovada sportsbook without breaking any federal or state regulations.

How do I bet on football games?

Straight bets on the point spread are the bare bones of football betting. A straight bet requires a player’s chosen team to win and cover the spread.

Where do I go to bet on the NFL game?

One of the largest daily fantasy sports services is now a prominent bookmaker in jurisdictions that allow it. Professionals generally approve of DraftKings’ mobile application. As a leader in this industry, the company’s live betting function is a must-have for NFL gamblers.