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Top Michigan Online Casinos Highlight Exclusives and Jackpot Games as ‘Featured’

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It is very essential to stand out in the crowded field of Michigan online casinos. With 15 internet operators all contributing to the state’s record income records, being able to separate oneself from the others might mean millions. However, when it comes to iGaming, Michigan has seen three operators specifically stand out from the crowd.

BetMGM, FanDuel, and DraftKings have all achieved success, but do their methods for dealing with their clients differ? For example, are they promoting games that have a lower success rate? Is it exclusive games or table games that they promote?

Each has developed its style in order to provide a different playing experience.

What does BetMGM Casino Michigan have to Offer?

It’s generally best to start with the provider who is definitely the best in the state. Everything BetMGM Michigan is doing is practical. BetMGM controls 36.5% of the state’s online casino revenue share, with a total lifetime revenue of $1.2 billion.

When registering into BetMGM, each customer will likely see a somewhat different homepage depending on their previous interactions with the operator. As a regular BetMGM sportsbook and casino user, I prefer to check in via my desktop.

What I noticed was a series of banner ads over the top. I have access to such special offers and promotions by using our BetMGM bonus code Michigan. In addition, sign-up offers may be included for new users. Then, before BetMGM divides its gaming library into sections, I notice “Recent Games” I have played and can quickly return to.

Following that is a list of “Featured” games. Finally, it features a choice of ten games.

The ten games offer a decent diversity, but eight of them are exclusive to BetMGM. One is marketed as “Players’ No. 1,” which is mong the popular game on the site. The final game choice was an Infinity Reels game which is a kind of slot game that I usually love playing.

These ten games represented a diverse range of gaming firms and styles. Slot games differ in terms of playing forms, graphic presentation, and volatility. Still, they all have relatively healthy Return To Player percentages.

  • NBA Gold: 94.08% RTP
  • BetMGM Casino LuckyTap: 96.72% RTP
  • Goat Rush: 94.25% RTP
  • Premium Blackjack Pro (Players’ No. 1)
  • West Coast Cash Infinity Reels: 96.16% RTP
  • Ghostbusters Triple Slime: 96.08% RTP
  • Declaration of Spindependence: 94.0% RTP
  • Captain Riches: 93.95% RTP
  • Masters of Atlantis: 94.02% RTP
  • Bananaz 10K Ways: 96.12% RTP

What does FanDuel Casino Michigan have to Offer?

Fanduel Casino MI is second in the Michigan casino online revenue race. Still, it faces more competition to keep its position than it does to overtake BetMGM.

With $567.3 million collected, FanDuel controls 17% of Michigan’s total online casino revenue share. When I connect to the site, I get banner adverts with special deals and promotions over the top of the homepage, similar to BetMGM.

A smaller banner ad touting their Reward Machine follows. It’s a daily round of free spins that can earn you rewards to use on FanDuel’s online casino games. Table games, new games, exclusive games, and jackpot slots are among the top games on FanDuel. 

Below the highlighted games is a selection of marketed “Daily Jackpot” games, each with a clock displaying the current jackpot amount and the amount of time before it must be struck.

There are other sections on FanDuel for “Top 10 Games in Michigan,” “New Games,” and “Binge-Worthy Slots.”

What is Available at DraftKings Casino Michigan?

DraftKings Casino Michigan is right behind FanDuel in the Michigan online casino revenue battle.

Over the course of its existence, DraftKings has amassed a 16.7% revenue share in the state, amounting to $545.6 million. DraftKings, like the other two businesses, begins with promotions and deals that apply to me when I log in.

Following that is a sliding bar of parts from which I can select. Still, it automatically selects “For You” to begin with.

 It then displays a list of recent games I’ve played before going on to “Suggested Games.”

On the desktop, there were nine different suggested games. But on the mobile app, the recommendations added five more games, bringing the total to 14.

Following that, it lists all of the currently available games, beginning with DraftKings-branded games and progressing alphabetically.

  • DraftKings Rocket: 97.0% RTP
  • 88 Fortunes: 96.0% RTP
  • Almighty Buffalo Megaways: 96.5% RTP
  • Blackjack Poker & Pairs
  • Cash Eruption: 95.0% RTP
  • Cash Machine: 96.0% RTP
  • Cleopatra: 95.02% RTP
  • Hyper Nova Megaways: 96.1% RTP
  • SG Digital’s Ultimate Texas Hold ’em

Additional games have been offered on the mobile app:

  • DraftKings Hockey Blackjack
  • 15 Tridents: 96.1% RTP
  • Reel King Megaways: 96.23% RTP
  • Age of Akkadia: 94.71% RTP
  • Stinkin’ Rich: 94.03% RTP

What are other Michigan Online Casinos Available?

It’s tempting to focus on the top three. Still, 12 more Michigan online casino providers have distinct personalities.

Here’s a quick rundown of what a couple of the other providers have on their home pages.

  • BetRivers Casino Michigan: BetRivers places a high value on what players win. They have a banner ad promoting recent promo winners and an ongoing tucker displaying recent significant wins on several slot games. Other sections are promoting “This Week’s Top 10” and “Top Played New Games.” It gives the customer an idea of which slots are likely to be popular
  • Caesars Casino Michigan: Caesars’ presentation could be more inventive. It does highlight one major exclusive highlighted game of the day that one should take advantage of. The page then switches to other sections for “Featured Games,” “Jackpots,” and “Promotions.”
  • Golden Nugget Casino MI: Golden Nugget features one of the most exciting homepages since logging in takes you to a separate box that lists all of the available deals and rewards. It then divides into separate sections to promote their featured and upcoming games.
  • WynnBet Casino MI: WynnBet has gotten into promoting their jackpot slots head first. Its main row includes all of the mega jackpot games and their current standing in relation to the jackpot. WynnBet also advertises “White Hot Jackpot Games” with a running counter, in addition to “Progressive Jackpots.”
  • Barstool Casino MI: Barstool makes things simple. Instead of rows, they have boxed sections such as “Exclusives,” “Live Dealer,” “Blackjack Live,” “Slots,” and “Featured Games.”